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Nothing beats the beauty of natural hardwood flooring. The natural feel and texture of wood as you walk and stand on natural wood flooring is incomparable to any other flooring material. If your dream is to create a living space made of wood, then surely you have considered using natural wooden pieces for your floors.


If you live in Arizona then you are in for the best deal in discount wood flooring with Phoenix Flooring; considered as one of the most popular wood flooring dealers that gives competitive pricing on products and a free professional estimate for customers. When you choose wooden flooring from Phoenix Flooring you get a wide array of wood types to choose from at a price that is easy on the budget.


The type of wood to choose is initially what homeowners decide on. There are several popular types like Maple, Oak, Birch and many more. You may base your choice on other pieces of wooden furniture or accents in the home like wooden doors, window panels, cabinetry and ceiling. You may also look for inspiration from the external wooden structures of your home. If you still can’t make up your mind, try asking wood flooring professionals from Phoenix Flooring to help you out for free!











Aside from the type of wooden floor, you can either choose a solid hardwood floor or an engineered floor. Solid hardwoods are sized 19mm in thickness but can be sanded above the tongue-and –groove portion. Flaws of solid hardwood are susceptibility to moisture and temperature because it contracts and expands due to different changes in weather.  


Engineered wood flooring on the other hand, uses layers of hardwood veneer making a product 3/8” in thickness or 14mm thick. Engineered wood increases the ability of wooden flooring to resist moisture and temperature changes due to weather. More and more homeowners choose engineered wood floors over all other types to save up on maintenance costs and installation costs as well. Wood flooring are also finished with a metal oxide cover like aluminum oxide that can further increase the wear and tear of a hardwood floor.


Wood flooring installation could be a bit expensive as compared to other flooring materials. You also need to consider delivery cost, installation equipment costs as well as maintenance for years to come. Luckily, you can get discount wood flooring by buying wholesale wood flooring at Phoenix Flooring. This is the only wood flooring store to guarantee low prices every day of the year.


Wood flooring from Phoenix Flooring are ready to be installed or are pre-finished saving you on installation and equipment costs. No more expensive sanding and polishing equipment purchase or rental and absolutely no more expensive waxes to apply. A polyurethane finish guarantees perfect shine and stylish flooring finish all the time.


If you would like to view wood flooring catalogues and samples contact Phoenix Flooring and ask for a show room appointment. Ask for flooring specials as well as free flooring estimates for your home or office space.

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